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Additional Affiliate Income For Your Business

Add no-cost additional revenue to your business by referring clients to us.

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Video Enthusiasts

MediaByMas is a small agency with future plans to scale and expand across the UK. We believe video is becoming widely popular not only by consumers but businesses and brands.

To Become #1

There's nothing wrong with being ambitious and extremely optimistic but our dream to become the most profitable video production marketing agency in the UK.

UK's Video Production Agency

We work with clients primarily in Corporate or Real Estate. We produce highly quality video content in many areas of marketing that corelate with Corporate. We film captivating cinematic luxury Real Estate properties.

What We Offer

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25% Commission on every sale.

Refer customers once and get paid for the sale made. Once client signs up - we will initiate our sale process. You will be paid every 7 Days on a date agreed upon your application.

Earn minimum of £375 per client.

Our minimum price for our video service is £1,500. For every client you refer to us you make 25% which equals to minimum of £375.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Speak directly to us- we're committed to your success. We will offer you our affiliate sale managers contact details which helps maintain professional communication.

High-Quality Ads & Landing Page

Customised to help you bring more sales. We can offer edits and changes if requested. Social media isn't the only way of marketing. You can use your own strategy. We will support you regardless of how you choose to market our service.

Free Marketing E-book

Receive additional skills and marketing tips from marketing E-books we are willing to gift completely free. These are great way to learn something of unknown to you.

Get in touch with our team.

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